Thursday, August 20, 2015

Free crochet patterns

I love to crochet.!
I love finding free crochet patterns!
How about you?

My last link was to a site with no english patterns. To apologize here are some of my other favorite places to scout for free patterns:

The owl is one of many good patterns from Lion Brand (you need to make a free account).
The sun and rain mobile is from Coats Crafts

I also like the e-books from Crochet Me and Knitting Daily. I usually download a copy - just in case - when I see a new one. I would just hate to run out of to-do projects some day ;-)

The company behind the sites is Interweave and you can also find tips on jewelry making, mixed media, painting and drawing, quilting, sewing and weaving.
I get the newsletters - and they are mostly adds - but I also get a ton of inspiration.

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