Tuesday, August 04, 2015


Welcome to my new blog!

My name is Rikke Fogh - not the easiest name to pronounce =)
"Rickie" would be the closest name in english and the name Fogh is most often pronounced like "Faux".

I live in Denmark just outside the capital in suburbia, with my husband and our twins from 2007. We have a house with a good sized garden, complete with playhouse, hen house and trampoline.

I am not exactly new at blogging - I started a blog in Danish back in 2011, but I have had a long break. Now that I have decided to start blogging again I also thought it was time to take the leap and blog in english. Why? To become more accessible. Danish blog readers are a small and select group - Denmark has a population of 5,6 million people (yes - that is the whole country, not my humble village I'm talking about).

So here we go: A new blog in English! I hope you enjoy your visit. Please leave comments, I do love to hear back from readers.

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